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The Heart to Dream

May 23, 2016

I have an idea.


It’s a good idea, I think. I’ve run it by a few people. They seemed to approve. I’ve even recruited a couple of people to help me, though my plan has yet to become official.


The problem is, this idea is bigger than anything I’ve ever dared to realistically dream before.


And yes, that is a problem. Because guess what? It’s hard to dream big.


It’s hard to imagine yourself as who you want to be–published author, singer, whatever–because failed dreams occur more often than ones that are accomplished. For every successful person you see, there’s probably fifty others who are dying to take his or her place. It’s hard to throw yourself into a project–a manuscript or blog or whatever it may be–with expectations and goals because there’s always the chance that you’re not going to reach those goals. Because the fallout could be bad. Because your heart could be broken in the process. Because you could get hurt.





But what’s the point if you don’t try?


What’s the point if you just sit there in your seat, with an idea in your head but a frozen heart and the work ethic to do it but the fear of losing a piece of yourself in something or someone?


Every time you make a decision, you’re throwing yourself behind that decision whether or you want to or not. No matter what people say, you can’t be lukewarm. If you do it, you do it. If you don’t, you don’t.


But I don’t want to regret the don’t.


I don’t want to look back and think what could have been had I only taken that opportunity. That I could have expanded my comfort zone instead of staying inside the safety net.


There is potential for my plan to fail and to make me the laughingstock of my family. There is potential for me to mess up. There is potential for me to get hurt because something I wanted didn’t happen.


But, at the end of the day, it’s just one project. I have an entire life to live, and wisdom to learn from both mistakes and success. No matter what happens, I will, at the very least, get a good story out of it.






Rachel Alison – Column: Creative Writing 

Rachel Alison is a sixteen-year-old content creator with a passion for all the arts, although writing is her main skill. When she’s not doing homework or jamming out to hip-hop, she’s blogging at, making videos for her YouTube channel, or developing her creative philosophy. She hopes to encourage others to pursue creativity as how God meant for people to pursue it, despite the restraints that sin has placed on humanity. To see more of her work, join the creative community at Silver Mess, follow her on Instagram, and subscribe to her YouTube channel!



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