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PURSUE Spotlight: Introducing Teen Writer & Creative, Rachel Alison!

April 20, 2016


Please welcome this month’s featured teen, Rachel Alison!



Rachel Alison is a sixteen-year-old content creator with a passion for all the arts, although writing is her main skill. When she’s not doing homework or jamming out to hip-hop, she’s blogging at SilverMess.com, making videos for her YouTube channel, or developing her creative philosophy. She hopes to encourage others to pursue creativity as how God meant for people to pursue it, despite the restraints that sin has placed on humanity. To see more of her work, join the creative community at Silver Mess, follow her on Instagram, and subscribe to her YouTube channel!




Please introduce yourself. Who are you, what do you blog about, and what are your hobbies?



Hi! My name is Rachel Alison, and I’m a sixteen-year-old blogger with a passion for creativity. I blog at SilverMess.com about pursuing one’s creative purpose–whether it be writing or music, photography or filmmaking–and the concept of creativity. I’m a writer and reader at the core, but I love absorbing music, film, and physical art as well.


When did you first discover your love of writing and art? 



It’s always been a part of my life–my mom took my siblings and me to the library when we were younger, and that was when I really started to love reading. Because I was homeschooled from second to eighth grade, I had enough time to write and read and define myself and who I was. I read and wrote so much during that time–I used to handwrite all of my stories on a blue clipboard with sparkly gel pens, so much so that I developed a writing bump on my fourth finger when I was maybe ten/eleven years old. I was obsessed, haha.


What do you hope to accomplish in these areas, and what steps have you taken to reach these goals?



I hope to accomplish whatever God will have me accomplish. I hope someday to publish books and be an author, maybe a journalist or a screenwriter or all three. Right now, though, my primary focus is on blogging, so I’m hoping to expand my blogging audience and really learn–and help others learn–what it means to create, why we create, and how we are supposed to create. I launched Silver Mess this past January, and I’m currently planning several projects that correspond to it that I hope will expand my audience. (They’re going to be really, really fun, so if you’re reading this, you should definitely start following my blog to see what they are!)


Do you believe teens should make the most of their youth by discovering their calling and attempting to “get a head start” in their dreams?



Absolutely! There are already so many teenagers–and children, actually–who are already defining what they want to accomplish and who they want to become. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what exactly your dreams are, because it’s often so hard to pick and choose which dream to focus on, but it’s best to explore and discover who you are and who God made you to be as soon as you can. Who you are when you’re young shapes who you become. Also, all the adults I’ve talked to say that their youth was when they had the most time. Make the most of that time! Don’t lie around playing video games all the time or binging Netflix shows incessantly. Figure out where your strengths and weaknesses are, and work to improve them.


What advice would you give to the teen who is interested in pursuing an area of the arts, such as creative writing?



Keep writing. I’m taking a break from creative writing at the moment (juggling school, blogging, etc., was getting to be too much), but I’m always sending/answering e-mails, writing essays, and blogging. I’m a better writer than I was a year ago, and that’s because I write almost every single day. Any writing at all–it doesn’t necessarily have to be creative writing, even if you’re striving to be an author–will help you exercise and practice your voice and craft. Journaling is a great way to keep writing, as well as blogging (I highly recommend blogging–it’s almost addictive for me). Also, keep reading critically. Point out the good writing you read, and point out the bad. Then cut the bad from your own writing and imitate the good.


How does your faith play a role in your pursuit of these dreams?



My faith is an extremely vital role to my pursuit of the dreams. I have these dreams, yes, but I try to always remind myself that God is the One Who gave me the gifts that I have, and therefore, He deserves all of the glory. Coming back to the topic of creativity, He is ultimately came up with the concept itself–creating creation. It blows my mind and never ceases to amaze me how little we are, and how great God is. No matter what, I hope I never forget who I am in Christ, and any success and glory I received should be given to Him.

Where would you like to see yourself in the next five years?



To be honest, I don’t know. I’m a junior in high school right now, with the intent of attending college, so I’m excited about that! I don’t know where God is going to take blogging in the next year and a half, and a lot of changes and adjustments will have to be made, but I am planning on studying something to do with writing/art in college–English, screenwriting, journalism, graphic design…something along those lines. I’d love to take an internship somewhere cool, go on plenty of missions trips, meet lots of people, hold lots of stories in my heart. At this point, it’s far off enough for me to be able to dream about it without thinking too much of reality, but I know that wherever I’ll end up is where God wants me to be. And ultimately, that’s the most important thing.

Thanks for being here today, Rachel!



Each month, PURSUE features a new teen or young adult in this PURSUE Spotlight column. Do you know a 13 – 21-year-old who is using their gifts and talents to achieve their dreams and make a difference on the culture around them? Please let us know! Send us an email at submissions (at) pursuemagazine (dot) net.

Tessa Emily Hall_Headshot3Tessa Emily Hall – Column: Pursue the Impossible, Pursue Spotlight

Tessa Emily Hall spent her teen years writing about an imaginary girl whose life was far more interesting than her own. This resulted in PURPLE MOON (LPC), a 2014 Selah finalist. Her work has been published in various magazines, including Devozine, Guide Magazine, and Temperance Magazine. She also enjoys making homemade lattes, cuddling with her Teacup Shih-Tzu, and acting in Christian films. Tessa’s passionate about writing inspirational yet authentic YA fiction and encouraging teens to pursue their dreams. You can find her on her website, blog, InstagramTwitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.



  1. Savannah Perran

    April 20, 2016 at 1:16 pm Reply

    Wonderful article, Tessa! I loved getting to know more about Rachel :).

  2. Rachel Alison

    April 21, 2016 at 12:55 am Reply

    Thank you so much for having me!

  3. Micaiah

    April 24, 2016 at 8:25 pm Reply

    Great article, Tessa! It’s so cool learning about other Christian teen writers! =)

  4. Sarah T

    April 29, 2016 at 9:43 pm Reply

    I love Rachel’s enthusiasm! Great article! 🙂

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