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Sunday, 25th February, 2018


Dealing with stress? Need a Biblical answer to how to deal with bullies at school? Tweens, teens, and young adults are welcome to send their inquiries at any time. If you provide an email address, PURSUE will reach out to you as soon as our advice counselor(s) have responded.

By submitting, you are giving PURSUE permission to publish your inquiry either on the website or in the magazine. If you do not wish for us to publish your inquiry, please make this known in your submission. If we publish your inquiry in our magazine then you will be notified and must fill out a writer’s release form prior to publication.




Meet Our Advice Columnists: 

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Deanna Fugett – Advice Columnist

While Deanna Fugett isn’t writing or connecting with others via social media, she can be found cleaning up after playing with her four kids or cooking dinner rubbing her husband’s shoulders, because she’s nice like that. She secretly enjoys writing more than reading *gasp*. Deanna has an endless TBR list and has numerous books she’s started reading lying around the house, none of which she can find time to finish. Occasionally, she plays Narnia with her eleven year old son, pretending to be Susan at the archery range, while enjoying quality time with her boy, bows and arrows. Deanna is off-the-wall excited about her debut novel coming out with Love2ReadLove2Write Publishing this year, a YA Dystopian called Ending Fear. It is the first novel in the Gliding Lands series, and she really hopes you read and enjoy every second of it.

DSC_0099Alyssa Fischer – Advice Columnist, From a Teen’s Perspective

Alyssa is an eighteen year old college student who hopes to pursue counseling, where she can make her dream of encouraging others and making a difference in the world a reality. Other than helping others, she enjoys writing and blogging, volunteering at the animal shelter, and attending Christian music concerts. Most of all, she is passionate about her faith in Jesus and seeks to glorify Him in all that she does. You can find her writing to inspire at