Living With a Positive Mindset

Looking Outwardly: Finding Joy Through Reaching Out

March 9, 2016

There’s so much pressure today to be a certain way, look a certain way, and do certain things. Because of that, it’s easy to spend a lot of time focused on ourselves and how we can change ourselves. Of course, there are ways we can change that are helpful and beneficial, but sometimes, it pays to step back and look outwardly…


I’d like to draw your attention to that person out there who’s hurting in some way. That person who’s crying out to be heard. That person who needs a friend. There are so many people out there who need us!


Taking action and helping someone doesn’t mean we have to donate a heap of money to charity, dedicate our lives to mission work, or lavish our friends with expensive gifts. Sometimes, the greatest way we can help someone is by simply spending time with them. It might be listening to someone tell us about the terrible day that they had, or taking time to call and see how they are – just to let them know you care!



When we look outwardly, we help–not only others, but ourselves as well. It helps us to become aware of others’ needs as well as our own, which makes us feel better about ourselves. No matter how hard life seems for us, there are others who have a harder life than us. That’s what helps us be more grateful, strengthens our character, and makes life much easier.


I find it incredibly easy to think about myself a lot. But when I hear about third-world countries, poverty, needless sicknesses, or other terrible hardships people have had to live with, suddenly my dilemmas of wanting that top or going to that party seem to lose their importance in my life. Thinking about these things don’t make me miserable at all. In fact, my whole way of thinking and outlook on life becomes brighter. The joy I find in being content with what I have far outweighs the pleasure I receive from getting a new top!


So, why not take a step back today? Why not make a phone call to the friend you haven’t spoken to in weeks?


Not only do they need us, but we need them!





About the Writer:


Sarah Tinning – Column: Living With a Positive Mindset 

Sarah is a 18-year-old, living in Australia. She loves God, her family, singing, writing songs and novels, and playing guitar. She enjoys meeting up with friends, and just putting a smile on people’s faces; even better, making them laugh! She blogs about books, movies, music, and life at



  1. Rayleigh

    March 9, 2016 at 3:20 pm Reply

    Words of wisdom Sarah! It’s so true that we get wrapped up in everything being popular wants to through at us that we forget who we were made to be, and who we already are. Reaching out to other people is so encouraging not only to them but also to us if we do it with a generous heart. I love this article, great job in writing it and thank you for the reminder!

    1. Sarah T

      March 10, 2016 at 2:43 am Reply

      Thank you so much for your encouragement, Rayleigh! 🙂

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