Quiet Time Tips

Harness the Power of Music for Your Quiet Time

October 24, 2017

When I was learning how to play the guitar, I liked to push back my curtains in the mornings, let
sunlight flood my room, and play praise songs on my bed. I’d always shut the door in case
someone heard my playing. I didn’t want to be self-conscious, but I just play songs for me and
God. Sometimes I’d attempt to sing as I played.


I imagine King David did that while he was still a shepherd boy—he might have played songs for God while he was sitting in the fields with his sheep. But he didn’t have to “attempt” to sing anything.


Whether or not we can play an instrument or sing well, we can harness the power of music to
help our quiet times.


Are you having a hard time concentrating while you read the Bible?


Play your favorite praise song to refocus your attention on God. Is your heart burdened, and you need
hope? Play a song by Tenth Avenue North (most of their songs talk about life’s trials). Are you
needing a constant source of comfort or encouragement? Create a playlist with Christian songs
that inspire you. Music is a powerful force that we can use for good. Even in our quiet times.


But don’t stop there. Don’t just play the song—sing it! I don’t know if you share a room with a
sibling, but if it’s possible to do this or you’re shy about singing in front of people, close your
bedroom door and then play a praise song. Stand in the middle of the room, and close your eyes.
Let the musical artist be your momentary praise leader, and pour out your heart in praise to


You may end up raising your hands or kneeling before Him. You can do this to start your
quiet time or to end it. There’s something special about singing to God when no one else is
around. There’s no one to impress, no one to critique our style. Just us and God.


One more idea.


If you know that a praise song is based on Scripture (or you think it is), type one
of the phrases into biblegateway.com, and see where the phrase comes from. Use the rest of your
quiet time to read the passage in Scripture, and then pray about it. Ask God to help you live the
verses out or trust Him to work that way in your daily life.


Have you ever used Christian music to help you focus on God more? Does it help you to appreciate Him better? Tell us about it in the comments below. We’d love to hear how God uses this kind of music in your life.



 Katy Kauffman – Column: Quiet Time Tips: Delighting in God and His Word

Katy Kauffman believes that spending time with God makes all the difference in our Christian lives. She spent her teen years pursuing her dream—to be a Bible study teacher. Today, she is the co-founder of a Bible study ministry, an award-winning author, and an editor and a designer of Refresh Bible Study Magazine. Connect with her more at her blog, Life with God.

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