Living With a Positive Mindset

Forgiven & Forgotten – How to Live Burden-Free

August 5, 2016

Repentance is a good thing, right? Sure it is! But what if we’re still feeling burdened by our sins? What if, even when we ask for forgiveness time and time again, we still feel this burden, like we haven’t yet been forgiven?


“I, even I, am He who blots out your transgressions for My own sake;
And I will not remember your sins.”- Isaiah 43:25


If we have asked for God’s forgiveness of something, and we are truly sorry, not only does God forgive us – but He forgets the sin completely! Isn’t it a relief to know that He doesn’t keep count?


God never holds a grudge.





The problem isn’t God; the problem lies within us. He’s done His part; we just need to realize just what He’s done and live with that forgiven mindset. If we still feel like we’re not forgiven, then perhaps we just don’t realize just how forgiving and forgetting God is.


If we are truly sorry, then what difference will it make how many times you say sorry to God for the same thing? It doesn’t! He’s forgiven the sin already, and that’s final. What we can do repeatedly, though, is thank God! We can always thank Him for His forgiveness, or anything else, and it delights Him to hear it.


Once we have that forgiven mindset, things are much brighter. We are no longer burdened with the burden of our sins – the very burden that Jesus died to eliminate. Instead of being weighed down with the guilt, we are uplifted by God’s love and forgiveness. We are set free so we can become free to love others! That’s the thing: Once we grasp what we can of God’s forgiveness to us, our actions to others will reflect the love and security we feel inside.


So rather than continuously asking for forgiveness, let’s remember we have been forgiven, and praise God for forgiving and forgetting our sins.



12345683_116339855402294_6231229947933454003_nSarah Tinning – Column: Living With a Positive Mindset 

Sarah is a 18-year-old, living in Australia. She loves God, her family, singing, writing songs and novels, and playing guitar. She enjoys meeting up with friends, and just putting a smile on people’s faces; even better, making them laugh! She blogs about books, movies, music, and life at



  1. Micaiah

    August 18, 2016 at 6:53 pm Reply

    This is a great post, Sarah! It is SO true and something I need to remeber a lot. Thanks for writing! =)

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