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Film Review: To Save a Life

August 31, 2016


Maybe if Jake was a better friend, Roger wouldn’t have killed himself. Jake Taylor’s near-perfect life is shocked by the suicide of his childhood best friend. A million thoughts swirling in his head, Jake doesn’t feel that being the basketball star with the beautiful girlfriend is as fulfilling anymore. What if he gave Christianity a chance? What if he made his life about something more than just himself?


To Save A Life (trailer) has an amazing script and incredible acting. It deals with topics many Christian movies shy away from: suicide, sex, cutting, and family pressure. It discusses them in an amazingly Christian way that portrays both the reality of these things and the reality of the God who helps one overcome it all.


“At some point you got to ask yourself, what do you want your life to be about?” –To Save a Life


I do not recommend this movie for anyone under 15. But if you’re older, this movie can you remind you of truths you’d like to forget and inspire you to do something about them.




sophia-74 - CopySofia Marie is a missionary kid, who is ready to explore college in the fall. She loves running track, reading, and spending time with friends. One of her dreams is to become a high school teacher who is always there for her students. Sofia Marie’s blog, Teens Live for Jesus, includes devotions, quotes, discussions about music, and over 60 book reviews for Christian fiction and nonfiction.


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