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Draped in Colors: How to Remind Yourself That You’re Loved

July 26, 2017

There are few things more beautiful than the vast array of sun beams that streak across the sky as the sun begins a new day. Or the blinding brilliance of a peacock’s feathers when it opens its fan. Color is such a beautiful creation and it is so difficult to describe independently, but the emotions that are stirred from the simple glance of a favorite shade can be felt in so many ways.


Designers have a code for color emotion that they use when choosing how they want to design a certain room or clothing item; its based off of the typical emotions that each color causes. So for example, if I wanted to design a room that typically made people feel trusting or invited, this code would recommend for me to use the color blue for the walls. Or if I wanted to appear happy or friendly at a formal dinner, then perhaps I would select an elegant shade of yellow for my dress.


Whether we realize it consciously or not, color has a fascinating way of controlling the way we view things, it has the ability to control our moods, and it especially plays a role in determining if we’ll be purchasing something.


Remember Joseph from the Bible? The favored son of Jacob (Gen 37:3) who was given the coat of many colors? Joseph’s coat of many colors is a subject that I study with many different emotions. The coat is a trophy to Joseph, but a reminder of failure to his brothers. A cloak of beauty to Jacob and his favorite son, but a rag of filth to Jacob’s other sons. I can’t help but wonder if it was the coat that angered the brothers, or the action that their father showed towards Joseph in bestowing the coat upon him, or maybe it was both. But why would a coat anger a family?


I mentioned that colors have meanings and honestly, instead of the typical reds, yellows, and blues that children’s books depict Joseph’s coat as, I like to imagine it much more beautiful. During different times in history, especially Bible times, colors meant very significant things, for example, purple was only worn by royalty because it signified wealth and prosperity. Gold and silver were obviously royal colors as well.


I believe that the colors that adorned Joseph’s coat were of significant meanings during his time, otherwise, why would the author of Genesis have made such a point as to mentioning that it was indeed, a “coat of many colors” (mentioned three times in chapter 37 of Genesis; verses 3, 23, and 32)? Perhaps it was those meanings that caused discord amongst the brothers and why Joseph took so much pride in it.


But let’s take a step away from Joseph and his brothers and reflect on ourselves and our coat of many colors. That’s right, each and every one of us have a metaphorical coat that just shines with colors that scream of our worth to our Heavenly Father. Your coat will more than likely look different than mine though, whereas my coat of colors may shine best while I’m writing, yours may be brighter as you dance, sing, teach, or even pray.


But keep in mind that it’s a coat of many colors, so don’t ever feel restricted to just one color! More than one thing can make you shine for the glory of God and I think that a lot of times that is forgotten amongst the church and we think that we can only have one gift, but that is untrue. We have coats of so many different colors and shades, sure some colors may fill up the coat more, but we must never think that whatever that may represent is the only gift we have.


All of our coats are so different and all so beautiful, each given specifically chosen for us from our Father. We can wear our colors with the same admiration that Joseph wore for his and always keep them close as reminders that we are loved by the One who gave us our coat.


Have you recognized some of the colors on your coat? What colors would you imagine some gifts to look like (e.g. dancing=yellow or writing=purple)? I imagine my coat to have different shades of pinks, purples, and blues. 



rayleighRayleigh Gray – Web Manager & Editor Intern

Rayleigh is a graduate from Home-School anxious to begin her exciting journey through life. Pursuing a career in Literary Agency and Editorial related jobs, she is an English buff always on the lookout for ways to point her writing back to her Creator. Join her on her journey by reading her blog (AccelerateTheJesusMovement.WordPress.com) or following the books she reviews on her website (LiteratureApproved.Wordpress.com).


  1. KidsArt2Go

    July 26, 2017 at 1:20 pm Reply

    I LOVE this article!! Rayleigh did an excellent job describing that colors are more meaningful than what meets the eyes!! ?
    Thank you for causing me to take a moment to think about what color robe that I might wear!!! ❤️

    1. Rayleigh

      July 28, 2017 at 4:42 pm Reply

      You are so welcome! I hope that every time you adorn that robe you are reminded of God’s overwhelming love! Thank you for the radiant compliments as well <3

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