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January 18, 2018

Anybody make New Year resolutions? Whether you love or hate them, resolutions are typically something that people spend time talking, or joking, about at this time of year. Conversations often go something like this:


“Oh, did you make New Year resolutions this year? How long do you think you’ll last?”


The making and breaking of New Year resolutions has become something of an expectation. Using that handy-dandy modern research marvel—ahem, Google Search—I discovered some of the most common New Year resolutions. You could probably guess most off the top of your heads. Want to try it?


Okay, take three seconds and list the first three resolutions you can think of …




Did your list include any of the following?


  • Exercise More

  • Lose Weight

  • Eat More Healthy Food

  • Quit a Bad Habit

  • Learn a new skill


Have you ever made any of these New Year resolutions?


It’s interesting that a lot of New Year resolutions are about doing things. That’s not a bad thing, and there’s nothing wrong with this list, but in this post, instead of focusing on the things we want to do, I want us to think about who we want to be.


Who Do You Want to Be?


I’ll admit, as an introvert and a writer, I am a bit of an over-thinker. So the question, “Who do you want to be?” is one that I’ve thought about a lot.


When I was a kid, my answer typically involved something heroic. I wanted to be like the heroines in my favorite stories! Do epic things, defeat the villains, and save the day … and maybe the world too. (I had big dreams.)


But since I knew there was a good chance that my opportunities to fight monsters might be limited, I decided there was another aspect of my favorite heroines that I could emulate: their character.


Bravery, love, honor, integrity, truthfulness, and self-sacrifice—all those things that I admired and respected about my favorite heroines! If I couldn’t save the world, I could at least practice the character qualities of the heroes who did.


Wherever we are in life—saving the world (anybody?), studying school, applying to colleges or jobs—I think it is important to think about who we want to be in terms of our character.



For this year, I can think of a couple character qualities that I want to grow in. Okay, at least, a couple. As a work-oriented person, I want to practice being more open and relational. I want to have an attitude that continually puts others first. I want to grow in loving others more.


Good things to aspire to, right?


But sometimes when I reflect on who I want to be, I turn that into an attack on myself for all the ways that I don’t measure up. So I think it is also important to ground ourselves in the knowledge of who we already are.


Who Are You Already?


The Bible uses many words to describe who we are in Christ, both individually and corporately as part of the Church. Chosen. Beloved. Servants of God. Heirs. Ambassadors of God’s reconciliation. (I love that one. Isn’t it cool that we get to be ambassadors for God’s work here on earth?)


But my favorite descriptive word for us girls is “Daughters.”


We are Daughters of God!


I have always had a good relationship with my dad, so it’s easy for me to apply that sense of unconditional love and forgiveness and kindness that I have with my dad to my Heavenly Father. Of course, my dad is human and makes mistakes just like I do, but God’s love and forgiveness and kindness is perfect. But just like my dad doesn’t only call me his daughter when he thinks I’m worthy of it, our position as Daughters of God isn’t dependent on what we do. It is who we were created to be and who we get to be because of Jesus’s sacrifice for us.


Isn’t that an amazing thought?


We are His. He loves us. Unendingly. Unquestioningly. Unfathomably.


That knowledge is so comforting, especially as we launch into a New Year and make resolutions and think about all the ways that we want (and need) to grow. The one thing that we do not have to do is earn God’s love. And for all of us who believe, for all of us who are Daughters of God, the Holy Spirit is also at work in us, renewing what was broken by sin, making right that which was ruined, and growing us into the image of Christ.


I don’t know about you, but that is one thing that I want to hold onto this year as I think about what I want to do and who I want to be.


I am a beloved Daughter of God. And you are too.



Gillian Bronte Adams – Column: A Thousand Words
Gillian Bronte Adams is a writer, wanderer, and wordsmith. Rarely found without coffee in hand and rumored to pack books before clothes when she hits the road. Working in youth ministry has given her a passion for walking alongside young believers as they seek to follow Christ. As an author, she writes speculative fiction novels that follow outcast characters down broken roads, through epic battles, and onward to adventure. She is the author of THE SONGKEEPER CHRONICLES (Enclave Publishing) and can be found on her blogTwitterInstagram, and Facebook page


  1. Kayla Johansen

    January 18, 2018 at 4:42 pm Reply

    I love this new take on New Year’s Resolutions! It’s a great way to be consistently growing in the Holy Spirit and our walk with God… becoming more like Christ. 🙂

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